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Sa’adani Tales: Folklore in Short Stories

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Imperial sigil of the Sa'adani Empire

Imperial Rus (sigil) of the Sa’adani Empire

OK, I owe my blog and you my readers a lot of posts! I plead the fact that my book Splintegrate ate my brain at the end of September, and I’ve been digging out from under the tsunami of Everything Else that stacked up while I was off in science-fiction land.

One of the things that developed while I was sojourning in the Empire was this:  I began to realize that over the years I’ve written a fair amount of folklore for that setting – and me not usually a short story writer, either.  As you may know if you’ve read other parts of my blog, the Sa’adani Empire is not just a fictional setting for my novels: it is also a role-playing game setting, and over the years I’ve documented bits of lore from it to share with my rpg players. Sometimes just “a bit” did not suffice to establish details or the flavor of things, and so every now and then I’d write out a full-blown tale.  Origin stories, cautionary tales, myths, legends, ghost stories – things like that.

Sa’adani space is also connected to my fantasy setting, for the Empire had its roots in the civilization of Qua-lun on old Àstareth (the world on which The Truthsayer’s Apprentice and Kar Kalim take place). For folklore purposes, this means that some stories from the homeworld – and sometimes once-current events – have become memorialized over time and passed down through generations as legend and folktales from the Old World.

Collectively I have the beginnings of a book of Sa’adani folklore here, and so the Sa’adani Tales project was born.

But this is just the beginnings of a book.  I see how it needs to come together, and what I need to do to produce a finished work. Soon I’ll be announcing this as a crowdfunding project, because I need assistance to help turn this into a reality. I’d like to write the rest of the book over the coming 6 months and publish it in Spring 2012. Actually, the writing could go faster, but I want this to be illustrated, too. I always loved reading folklore that was illustrated, and since these stories are about strange people and events in a galaxy far far away, I think these stories deserve to be illustrated as well.

I’m not going to get into all my project details right now (I’m still in the planning stages), but if you want to hear more about Sa’adani Tales and the crowdfunding drive, I hope you’ll subscribe to my newsletter to catch the updates about all this. (Form’s in the left-hand column on this page.)

Meanwhile, to give you a taste of the sort of thing that will be in Sa’adani Tales, I invite you to check out Li-Wan’s Revenge. It’s a ghost story, and since Halloween is fast approaching, I thought this would be a great time to share this with you.  It’s available for free. You can download the story in whatever flavor suits you by following the links in this post.

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