Lizard Lair Media Ratings: the Dinosaur Stomp of Approval

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As it happens, I seem to have written a lot of reviews of various sorts of media over the years. They don’t all appear at this blog; they’re scattered around various places on the net and on my hard drives (I even used to write an entertainment column for the San Diego Gayzette in the ’80s under the byline of Helen Highwater, so I’ve been at this for a while.)

In the process of beefing up my media section here I decided to start pulling this stuff together and putting it in one place. As I get things sorted out, reviews and whatnot will be in the Media section here (see Media in the menu bar). I’ll also run blog posts that link to the more full-length item in the permanent Media section. All of this is reachable under Media | Reviews, or by searching the site for “reviews”.

In the course of doing this I’m reminded of all those various ratings systems out there: stars, rotten tomatoes, inflatable ducks, whathaveyou. And I thought, well, if it’s a review from the Lizard Lair, we need our own special imprimatur on this content. And so, without further ado, I introduce to you the Dinosaur Stomp of Approval rating system.

Details in the graphic below. I trust it is self-explanatory. Wanted to post the whole thing here so you know what the heck the stylized dino-stomp signs mean when you see them.

And appropriately stomped reviews will start appearing soon as well.  You can spy  stomped (and unstomped) reviews here.

Lizard Lair Dinosaur Stomp of Approval Ratings Card

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