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I’m making some tiny forward progress on my blog geeking, although not, alas, on Splintegrate today.  It turns out that I have discovered (much to my dismay) that I am hard-wired for exclusive monofocus on whatever project is to hand. Failing that, my attention is scattered all over the place. So, to get any traction with project X, I do it to the exclusion of all else.

What this means for my writing is that I need completely undisturbed space with no distractions and no other demands on my time in order to write. I don’t fathom those people who can write anywhere in 15 or 30 minute increments. I have tried that – worked at it really hard because that seemed the only way I would have a chance to make progress on my book for a long while – but failed miserably. What I write in that manner is absolute poop, if I manage to write anything at all.

I mention this by way of explaining that while I am doing some freelance work (as I must, dammit, for some immediate cash flow for pesky bills), I make zero progress on my fiction writing. It has always been so, with me. I suppose I should know this by now. Today my goal is to simply bang through what I can of the client work in one concentrated crunch through Monday, at which point I will be done with this small pickup work until February.

Where that leaves me is in the strange position of being totally left-brain engaged (instead of right, where I write). Today I am in logic-think and analysis mode, and fallout from that is that I am poking at my blog in bits and pieces when I take breaks. That is not a distraction because it utilizes the same left-brain mode I am already in. Analysis and problem solving and some design decisions.  Feels important, too, because I must make  some progress, no matter how small and incremental, so I can get on down the social marketing road I have set foot upon (see my initial post in this blog).

Am dinking around now with feedburner and getting some feed customization happening here. I see how this could turn into a massive day-long geek event. No time for that with client stuff going on too, so I’m about to call it quits, but feel good because I’ve made some inroads after all. Huzzah.

Small consolation while my Book is screaming at me in the back of my mind, but at least it’s progress on a (marketing) front that furthers my writing career in some manner. I’ll take my strokes where I can get ‘em.

Now back to the salt mine with me…

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