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I confess, I am going to be trapped in geek hell for a while with this blog transition.  My web host provides WordPress as a hosted service free of charge, and I want my blog to be imbedded inside my website.  But making my website + blog actually function that way is a whole ‘nother geekly event and learning curve I can’t accommodate right now – I’m late on deadline for my newest book! Gah! so blog-geeking must take a back seat for a while.

On the other hand – and related to my website blog probs, which include an inability to get an active rss feed at the moment (argh) – I DO need to start making my presence findable on the web again, and the WordPress.com site is already plugged in, so to speak, with feeds etc and some some basics that at least make my content immediately findable.

So: my plan for now is to blog same content in multiple places (including facebook; am experimenting with the blog it widget they just released), and unify/streamline everything later when I am out from under deadline.

Why am I telling you this? I don’t know. Guess because this is terribly a work in progress, but I am intent about being diligent with blog stuff, so there you have it.  If you want more author-content, check my website (www.deborahchristian.com) – that’s where more meaty things relating to my work will start to appear in the coming weeks and months.


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