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Koristan continentA while ago I redesigned this site and added a section where I can put info about my fantasy fiction (and rpg) settings. You can see that in the menu bar, where it says “The World of Àstareth.” Now there is something new there for your viewing enjoyment: maps of Koristan and related areas where the majority of my fantasy fiction takes place.

You can see the Maps of Koristan page here. This is more than just maps: it also contains a narrative about the role-playing game genesis of this area, anecdotes about how some of my stories and books in this region came to be, and how my writing about one spot on this map got Marion Zimmer Bradley to lecture me about submission lengths. (See the page for more on that particular encounter.)

On a related note, in the future I plan to release some of these (and other) maps and regional information as sourcebooks. These docs will be of use in role-playing games or also just as fun reading for fans of my works or people interested in world building. Some will be free, and some I will charge for. If you want inside scoop about the development of this and related content projects, and possibly a chance to be a beta reader, please join my email list where you will get updates about this and other writerly things I’m doing.

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