World Building: Got An Opinion?

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Do you have any interest in world building?  If so, please click on this Survey Monkey link and take the brief survey about your world building interests. I’m working on course materials and related content in this area and your feedback is very much appreciated.

Some of us recently had a great convo on this topic on G+, in this thread:  (If you’re on G+ but can’t access this thread, drop me a note on the Plus and I’ll add you to the right circle so you can read it.  I’m there under the name Deborah Teramis Christian). Your comments are still welcome in that thread if you’d like to chime in in a more free-form way than a survey allows – or in the alternative, please do drop a note in the comments here below.

Thank you very much, and please be sure to share this message with your friends, be they writers, gamers, or world-design interested geeks. 🙂

Survey’s here:

Also, I’m using the free version of Survey Monkey which limits the questions I can ask, so if you have comments/thoughts that go beyond what the  form allows, please feel free to add remarks here in the comments section. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this subject, about where your interests lie, what would help you design worlds better, and anything else you think apropos to remark on. Thanks!


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