How to Make Politics Interesting in a Fictional Setting

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Rotten Boroughs - "How to get made an MP" - Heath cartoon, 1830

Rotten Boroughs – “How to get made an MP” – Heath cartoon, 1830

Say the word “politics” and people often run screaming away, even–or especially–when that’s in the pages of a fiction book or the context of a role-playing game. This allergy to politics may be very understandable, given how it’s conducted here in our modern times, but the concept itself is something else again.

It taps into into the power dynamics present in every group and society, and this is the motherlode for rich plotting and character challenges.

This world-building post of mine uncovers some essentials of power dynamics that lurk behind the interactions of politics. It includes specific questions writers should ask themselves that will help get a handle on how to use all this creatively in their fictional setting.

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