The Black Dahlia: a Sideways Murder Mystery

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I first became aware of the Black Dahlia murder years ago, when it was mentioned in passing in some other period-piece detective flick set in L.A. in the ’40s. Intrigued by the name, I looked into it a little. But those were the days before Google, and although the internet existed, there was not the plethora of info on the web as there is today. I found very little on the case except that it was a sensational and notorious murder that had left the victim badly mutilated; there was some mystique around the identity of the Black Dahlia and the murder had never been solved.

I filed that away and moved on. Later, in 2006, a movie called The Black Dahlia was made. I noted that as well, but was not in a place where I could catch the flick in the theaters. Again, something to note for later.

Well, later finally came. Needing a break from book writing, I took a little time out to look over my Netflix queue – where lo and behold, I had saved the streaming version of that 2006 movie. So I watched it the other night. Here are some thoughts about the movie, and the unsolved murder at the heart of it.

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