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In a roundabout way, this is an update on where I’m at in my process with Splintegrate.

I finally have brain-sucking client work completely out of the way. Today I took a day off, played a board game with my sister, made peasoup (great in this cold weather), and chilled watching a few movies.

Tomorrow – or, later today, already, after I’ve slept, The March to the End of Splintegrate begins in full force. I am running out of time to work on my book, and must do nothing but, between now and when it’s completed. Well, I suppose I must factor in a little time for eating, sleeping, etc. Maybe a little for Xmas as well. But basically I want to fall completely into the zone with this work. I need to be in my galaxy far, far away in order to get this done.

Ordinarily I get into a meditative space and “go there” and see things very clearly (like watching a movie unfold before me), but for the last few years now it’s been very difficult to achieve that state. Partly I think because of the extended writer’s block I dealt with, and a few other things I won’t get into in a blog.  Also, it seems that the nature of my meditation space in my head has changed in this last while, and I don’t yet quite have a handle on what it has become. So that makes it difficult to tap into it in order to do my writing.

I suppose, then, that part of my forging ahead entails finding the right headspace for this work. Literally, as in, what space I’m making in my head in order to do the “go there” thing I do when I write.  I feel like this should be like riding a bike: something you never forget even if you haven’t done it in a while. It’s been frustrating looking for my stride in this work, though. I suspect the key to opening this door is to do something I haven’t been doing (since the things I used to do and the things I’ve been doing haven’t been working out for me as I wanted them to).  Hm, now there’s a quandary. What is it that I haven’t been doing?

This is like that thing in self-help psychology:  “We don’t know what we don’t know.”  Which, of course, doesn’t help.

I think I’m nattering circuitously now, so that means it’s time to stop. This will come to me sooner or later. I generally get epiphanies when I invite them. Maybe I should be saying this a little more loudly to the Universe:  epiphanies about my creative process would be really welcome right about now.

Off to dreamland, now. Let’s see if that invitation takes.

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