Focus, focus, focus.

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I feel like time is a rollercoaster, to mangle a metaphor right out of the gate:  instead of up or down, it is fast or slow, and entirely out of my control these days. That may seem like a statement that applies at any time, but I will huff about that and say no, ordinarily I am Mistress of my own clock. But now, the hours and days reel past rapidly as deadline approaches. I find I am perturbed by my environment and holidays are an unwelcome interruption right now.

I am good at Curmudgeon, and am pulling all my hermitly skills to the fore. I crave total isolation and silence in which to do this protracted act of creation.  At times I fall completely into the Zone, and at others, can’t focus on anything longer than a few minutes. The biggest boon I could receive right now would be the ability to stay uninterruptedly in that bubble-wrapped space I need to be in to create.

That is why, as we approach the new year and this holiday (which is Yule and winter solstice for me), I am making resolutions and doing my best to invoke the goddess of crystal clear vision and unwavering focus. Even better than the Muse, who is nearly always with me, it is she of the searing beam of focused attention whose help I really need right now.

So, whatever holiday you’re celebrating, I hope it brings you everything you want and need. Meanwhile, I will be busy here with my Solstice do, seeking epiphanies in the stocking hung on the chimney mantle and looting it shamelessly before the 12/25 date rolls around. Maybe I’ll tumble to that focus thing along the way.

Happy holidays to us all.

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