Big Changes Here at the Lizard Lair!

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Yes, the display of this website is all messed up.

Yes, I haven’t posted here in ages! Lots of cobwebs and dust around the place (cough cough!)

And yes, this is all about to change drastically.

I am happy to say I have a new novel coming out from Tor Books later this year! – and I will be posting about that in more detail very soon.

That book release, plus several other publishing projects, plus my world building work, and Word Press’s continuous upgrade process that finally nearly broke my website–all these things have compelled me to roll up my shirt sleeves and whip this chaos into shape.

As some of you may know, I have been sick for a long time, and have been pretty much absent from the public world while I focused on getting better. I’m still not 100%, but am much better than I was, and man, I really need to make sense out of my work life, my writing life, my gaming and creativity and teaching and speaking, and and and….all of that. Everything that has basically gone neglected since I nearly croaked in 2014.

As usual, I still tend to overestimate how much energy I have or how quickly I can get things done, but I’m doing my best to remain realistic yet focused this time around so I can make the positive changes happen that I need to. So, stay turned, and this place will soon be looking much better, and I expect to be blogging again and updating you once again on my book writing and much more!

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