The Sa’adani Empire

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This page is going to contain the portal to information about the Sa’adani Empire, the setting of my science fiction novels. Here, you’ll be able to tour the Empire, learn about its history and culture, read or listen to interviews with persons who have appeared as characters in my books, and download sourcebook and background material intended for personal reading or use in RPG play.

Sa’adani Empire RPG

The backdrop for my stories stems from my science fiction role playing game, which has seen over 30 years of development.  Over time I’ll be putting some of this material online here.

You can read more about the RPG here.

There is also some info online regarding my solo-player correspondence-based sf game in the Sa’adani setting. For a general overview of the concept, see this forum post. For details on how this works out in the game I run, you can dl and read this doc here.


It’s going to take a while to get more of this material online, so please bear with me. This must necessarily take second place to actually writing some more science fiction I have in the works right now.  But if you subscribe to the feed, you’ll be able to get updates about this portal along with other blog posts.  (Click the RSS widget in the blue banner at top of page.)

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