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Emperor's Rus of House Adan

Emperor’s Rus of House Adàn

Sadly, I’m afraid I’ve been neglecting this blog lately. Reason is simple: only so much brain and time to go around, and Splintegrate revisions are eating most of it.

I know I haven’t revealed much about what this book contains while it’s been a work in progress. When it’s off to the editor I think I’ll finally break silence and give you some material straight from the book. Meanwhile, here are some things that are cool about it:

The book is in the final paroxysms of revision. Had some particular roadblocks with it for quite a while, and then a sudden useful epiphany or two that enabled me to move into a productive place with it. The book will be off to the editor again (final time, except for line editing) later this month.

When I have some distance from the process and some semblance of returning sanity, I’ll blog about what these helpful epiphanies were. I also want to wrangle a copy of the cover art to share–looks kinda interesting.  In lieu of that right now, I share with you as graphic the rus (symbol, logo, clan sign, and more) of the imperial house of the Sa’adani Empire. The Empire is the backdrop for my science fiction and has some particular influence on events in this story.

Along with all this SPL stuff I need to find time to bring my Sa’adani Empire wiki online. It was gutted by a spambot, and I need to restore it to an actual info delivery state. 🙁  It will help you with background material relevant to the story, and is a good foundation for some rpg and other fiction I’ll be releasing in the future.  Look for that in the first half of next year.

Book is slated right now for the Fall 2013 release schedule at Tor. By the way, if you pre-ordered at Amazon, NO the book is not canceled. I don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes there with pre-order stuff (they just up and canceled older orders, apparently) — but if you place a new order (whenever they have a form up) you’ll be good to go.

If you’re on G+, I hope you’ll get in with the early bird movement and join my Sa’adani Empire community. It’d be great to have you there! I think I’ll be running a lot of my science fiction material through there as a primary channel. You can join up here.  I’ll also be on FB with this book but I think G+ allows for better actual real conversations, so my focus will be more there than FB (and also as always here at this blog.)

Questions? Meanderings? Please share in the comments!


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