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The Truthsayer’s Apprentice

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“The Truthsayer’s Apprentice has the dark shadows and hard clarity of the Icelandic sagas as well as Deborah Christian’s own unique vision and sensibilities. The world she creates is solidly conceived and thoroughly convincing. The intensity and high drama never slacken. Best yet, there’s more to come.”
– Lloyd Alexander, Newberry Award-winning author of The Black Cauldron.

From Library Journal
When raiders murder Granmar the Truthsayer and steal his magical robe of office, young Dalin of Nevi–Granmar’s apprentice–sets out on a perilous journey to recover the robe and avenge his master. Christian’s (Mainline) use of alternating chapters to follow the progress of Dalin and his quarry provides a close look at the motivations and personalities of both the hero and his adversaries. An abundance of magic, from elemental sorcery and runic spellcasting to priestly healing and nature summonings, adds variety to this series opener set in a world flavored with images from Norse and Icelandic mythology. A good choice for most fantasy collections.
Copyright 1999 Reed Business Information, Inc.

UPDATE, December 2012

I’m starting the process of getting the rights back to Truthsayer’s Apprentice. When that is a done deal (later in 2013), I’ll be in a position to write more full-length novels in this setting.  If you want to keep track of this process, you can join my mailing list to get updates as things progress.

UPDATE, November 2011

This month I released a short story at Amazon that is indirectly related to The Truthsayer’s Apprentice. Here’s a little context on that story, which is called The Transformation of Gerick Bare-Skin.

Truthsayer takes place in Tura-kem.  The shores of that land are routinely raided by people from the Duchy of Nimm, which lies across the inland sea from Tura-kem.  Most of the protagonists and all of the antagonists in this novel come from there.  Back home, they’re dealing with a problem which has compelled the Nimmian protagonists on their quest, and which now threatens others who live in Nimm.  Here’s the short story blurb from Amazon:

The lands of Nimm are threatened by bestial marauders. In the borderlands of Clan Thyrrim where the harshest incursions are happening, only the shape-shifting warriors of that clan can keep their family freeholds safe. In their werebear forms, these doughty fighters are a terrible force in battle.

The Transformation of Gerick Bare-Skin
But Gerick, a young warrior and the headman’s own son, has a problem: of those thought to have the were-gift, only he cannot change shapes. When his fellows fall before enemy magic, it is up to Gerick to protect their home and loved ones. But what can one shape-shifter do, when he cannot leave the form of a man?

“The Transformation of Gerick Bare-Skin” is set in the Duchy of Nimm, a northern, forested land that plays a prominent role in the author’s earlier fantasy novel, The Truthsayer’s Apprentice. This short story is the first tale to expand the Loregiver Series story arc in a decade. In addition, the marauders featured here were first introduced in Christian’s novel Kar Kalim; this is their first appearance in related fiction. This story will be a welcome read for fans of Christian’s novels, and for readers who enjoy heroic fantasy

If you’d like to check out Gerick Bare-skin, you can read an excerpt here, and you can buy the story here. Reviews are appreciated, either at Amazon or blogs or other book review sites. Thanks!


UPDATE, June 2011

As you will see explained in a comment below, Tor Books is not very interested in publishing the rest of this series. Book #2 is in a bit of a contractual limbo right now, so that won’t be coming out any time soon either.

However, I AM planning a novella that will extend the overarching series story (the tale of Thengel the warrior elf and his companions) past the endpoint of Truthsayer. This will be a bridge story, if you will, something that connects Truthsayer with the next series book, The Warlord’s Adjutant.

Beyond that, I plan to continue the Loregiver saga in one form or another, with or without the help of a major publisher.

If you’d like to easily stay tuned to progress on this front,  please subscribe to my mailing list.  That list, also known as the Warped Space newsletter, has different info in it than appears in the blog.  This is my way to stay more closely connected to fans and readers, and enable a dialog with folks.  In fact, I’m talking more about the Loregiver novella in that newsletter this month and onwards from here. If you join the list you’ll be the first to hear exclusive insider news about the series, and you will have a chance now and then to have input into it, too.  Subscribers also get a free short story when they join.

I’ll update this page again when I have more public things to share.  Thanks for stopping by!



Reader Feedback

9 Responses to “The Truthsayer’s Apprentice”

  • Matthew Hunt says:

    Is there going to be a second book to this series? The cover says the first book in the new Loregiver series, this implies a sequel.

  • Teramis says:

    Hi, Matthew,

    You’re right, Truthsayer is book one of the Loregiver Series, which is intended to be a trilogy.

    Unfortunately, my publisher is not so interested in the rest of the series. I think if this book were released today, demand for the book would work out differently because of the marketing opportunities the internet offers, but that was not the case when Truthsayer first came out. That was also a time when authors were much more dependent on promotion originating primarily with the publisher than we are today.

    So right now, this is a series in limbo. However, I don’t intend to leave it there indefinitely. I plan to complete this story cycle over the next couple of years. At that point I will reassess what my publishing options may be.

    Today I have a lot more options to move ahead with this series than I ever had in the past. This year I’ll be making some strategic decisions about the publication strategy for this series. Once I’m set with a plan that lets me share a release date with the public, I’ll be announcing that here.

    Thanks for asking about that!


  • Matthew Hunt says:

    Thank you for your response. I figured that was the case. This makes three series now that either the third or second and third books haven’t been printed due to publisher lack of interest.


  • Gregg Fertig says:

    That’s great news! It was a fantastic read and I can’t wait to get the next 2 volumes.

  • Mike B says:

    I really hope I can read the rest of this series! I wouldn't mind seeing the next 2 novels on my kindle. Great work and thanks for writing it!

  • Alex says:

    Hope It comes out soon, its one of my favorite books

  • Michael says:

    That's really a shame. I very much enjoyed the first book and was looking forward to the rest of the series. Any updates on it?

  • Dion says:

    I read this years ago – and loved it. I was just reorganizing the bookshelves and came across it and read it again! Can't wait for the rest of the series…dang publishers….

    • Teramis says:

      See my update from June of this year. I'm writing a novella that extends the Loregiver story line this fall. Not a continuation of Truthsayer's Apprentice per se, but still it advances the overarching story. I'm looking forward to getting back into that story!

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