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Teramis is back, with her first story collection published in more than a decade. Make a great escape to her science fiction universe with the armchair traveler tales in this book. Click here for more!

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Help yourself to a free copy of Dragonsword, the first fantasy novel from Deborah Teramis Christian in over a decade. Now available for immediate download at the Dragonsword book site, or you can read an excerpt here.

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Short Fiction

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OK, I’m taking the plunge. I’m making my short fiction available online – some of it for free, some for sale. If you hop on down to the story list below, you can sample a few pages, read the freebies, and help encourage a striving artist, if you like, by buying a short story.

If you want to catch my thoughts on writing short stories, you might like to read this blog post.

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DragonswordDragonsword.  Ok, ok, it’s not short (it’s a full length fantasy novel), but it is free, so I’m listing it here, too. You can read an excerpt here as well.





Exorcism frontispieceLi-Wan’s Revenge: A Ghost Story.  In my Asian-inspired setting, they celebrate an occasion called the Day of Return, a time when the veil between worlds is thin and ghosts may encounter the living. This is a tale of murder and ghostly revenge often told around that time of year. It’s  perfect reading for Halloween, or any time you want a tale of haunting vengeance.  Special bonus: this story is illustrated in color by artist Emily Vitori.



Chip in For a Mocha

Short stories you purchase here help to keep me in mochas, scones, Bic pens and graph paper, and many other essentials that fuel the writing of more good stories. There’s a certain symmetry to that, and if you care to join in on this cycle, you will have my gratitude as well as my stories.

The Transformation of Gerick Bare-SkinThe Transformation of Gerick Bare-Skin.  In my novel The Truthsayer’s Apprentice, the bad guys hail from the Duchy of Nimm, a mountainous, rugged place with a somewhat nordic culture.  This story visits Nimm and takes us to the backwoods, where certain clansmen are known for their were-animal powers. All except for Gerick, who should be a werebear, too….but isn’t.

“[A] would-be lycanthrope…struggles to master a rite of passage and become a proper warrior and take his place among his kinsmen. Matters turn worse when Gerick’s village is attacked, and he still hasn’t mastered his gift…[A] tight, concise little story. By the end, I wanted more…”  – Daniel Swenson, Amazon.com

“Read this story. It’s worth far more than the $0.99 charge. I hope she comes back to write more about Gerick and his clan. It’s a beautiful setting filled with a very interesting set of conflicts and challenges.” – C. Moore, Amazon.com

Read a sample. The “look inside” preview at Amazon shows too little of the story itself for various reasons. If you want to see a decent chunk for a preview, this is the sample to read. While you can also  buy this story at Amazon, if you purchase it here all of your money goes directly to the artist, instead of the majority of it going to a corporation.

Click here to buy The Transformation of Gerick Bare-Skin       Price: .99  (This link will take you to my Storybones publishing website.)


Bookish Things

These are stories like the above (same mocha rule applies, too!). They’re just…longer. This section includes novellas and anthologies.

If you want to read my fiction in these books, you’ll have to buy the whole enchilada, but if it’s an anthology (rather than a novella or story collection I wrote), I can promise you they’ll also be chock full of great tales in addition to my own work.  You can sample some of my writing at the links below.

NoMansLand coverNo Man’s Land: Defending the Future Vol. IV. This is a unique collection of military science fiction all by women authors, introduced by award-winning milscifi author David Weber (creator of the Honor Harrington series).  The book and its component stories have been nominated for the 2011 Tiptree Award. I’m an Army vet myself, and bring my own military sensibilities as well as my sf craft to my short story, “Live Fire.” In this tale, a young weapons officer aboard a Sa’adani ship deals with duty, honor, and treachery as she is challenged with unexpected disaster.

Print editionKindle editionRead a sample.  Related blog posts here and here.


Demon Lovers: Succubi.  Visit the world of the seductive succubus. This anthology of 13 tales gives an unusual look at the succubus: not only for her erotic aspects, but rather an inquiry into her nature, and what drives her to do what she does. Many different interpretations here, by both established authors and newcomers.  I’m the editor of this anthology, as well as a contributor. Click here for more.

Sa’adani Tales This is a work in progress planned for 2012 publication. Published Dec 2012! This book is a novella-length collection of folklore and traveler’s tales from the common culture that spans my fantasy and science fiction settings.  Click here for details.

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This military science fiction anthology contains "Live Fire," Christian's Tiptree Award-nominated short story set in the Sa'adani Empire, the setting of her science fiction novels. Now available at Amazon in print and Kindle editions.