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Teramis is back, with her first story collection published in more than a decade. Make a great escape to her science fiction universe with the armchair traveler tales in this book. Click here for more!

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Help yourself to a free copy of Dragonsword, the first fantasy novel from Deborah Teramis Christian in over a decade. Now available for immediate download at the Dragonsword book site, or you can read an excerpt here.

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Deborah Teramis Christian is the author of several novels published by Tor Books. They are available online and through used book stores; two more are under contract. For a list of her short fiction currently available, free downloads and a free novel, see this Short Fiction page. Her short story “Live Fire” appears in the military science fiction anthology No Man’s Land and was considered for the 2011 James Tiptree Jr Award.

Teramis has written SPLINTEGRATE, a semi-sequel to her first novel, MAINLINE, which is currently wending its way through the revision and editing process at Tor Books. Her current works in progress are QUEEN VICTORIA’S TRANSMOGRIFIER, a Victorian paranormal adventure, and SITE 3, a Cold War espionage story drawing upon real events and based on her experiences doing intelligence work in Cold War West Berlin.


Site 3 – work in progress

SPLINTEGRATEwork in progress in the editing process at Tor.

MAINLINE – #9 on the Locus Top Ten Best First Novels list in the year it was published.



DRAGONSWORD – this is a free, full-length fantasy novel: a samurai-inspired adventure in an Asian-esque setting. Available for download at at Dragonsword.info.


A Personal Note

A special hello to you, if you are one of my many fans who’ve been asking for more, and wondering where I’ve been. Welcome to my new site – really new, now that I’ve changed back ends and have a plan in place to get out and about on the net this year.

Some big life changes kept me offline and not writing for a time, but I’m back at it again. I’m in the final stretch with the long-awaited followup to MainlineSplintegrate is not a sequel per se, but it does take place in the same milieu a couple years later, and features some of the persons you got to know in the first book.

If you want to keep up on what I’m doing, I welcome you to subscribe to my blog feed by clicking the RSS button in the header of this page. You can also subscribe to this feed directly via email (scroll down a ways on the left sidebar and you’ll see the form for that). Or, if regular blog chatter is too much to stay abreast of, or if you want more behind-the-scenes writerly info, you can subscribe to my Warped Space newsletter at the bottom of this page.

Thanks for stopping by! If you just have comments about my work, feel free to comment in these pages or by email. You can reach me offline at teramis [at] deborahchristian [dot] com.

– Teramis


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Author Deborah Teramis Christian

Teramis wrote her first book at age 9, but like all good literary lizards has taken her time charging upon the market. Finally in a situation where she can write full time, she is becoming the Dragon, Unleashed, or a close facsimile thereof. Roar, said the saur.

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New Books

This military science fiction anthology contains "Live Fire," Christian's Tiptree Award-nominated short story set in the Sa'adani Empire, the setting of her science fiction novels. Now available at Amazon in print and Kindle editions.