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Unusual New SF Novella!

Teramis is back, with her first story collection published in more than a decade. Make a great escape to her science fiction universe with the armchair traveler tales in this book. Click here for more!

Free Fantasy Novel

Help yourself to a free copy of Dragonsword, the first fantasy novel from Deborah Teramis Christian in over a decade. Now available for immediate download at the Dragonsword book site, or you can read an excerpt here.

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Meeple (Mouse-People)

Vids, mouse adventures and Meeple life stories.

Frontispiece from The Biter Bit

My Meeple Photo Album at Flickr

Blossom the Portable Mouse.

Blossy passed away on Nov 8, 2011. Blossom played a very special role in our mouse family. This is a post about her, and a video about her last days.

Easing Life for My Old ASF Rat

Earnie (for Earnestine) was my old natal rat. When she was aging, her back legs started to go and her mobility suffered. This post is about things I did to make life easier for my old girl.


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Author Deborah Teramis Christian

Teramis wrote her first book at age 9, but like all good literary lizards has taken her time charging upon the market. Finally in a situation where she can write full time, she is becoming the Dragon, Unleashed, or a close facsimile thereof. Roar, said the saur.

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MilSciFi Interview - re "Live Fire" in No Man's Land

New Books

This military science fiction anthology contains "Live Fire," Christian's Tiptree Award-nominated short story set in the Sa'adani Empire, the setting of her science fiction novels. Now available at Amazon in print and Kindle editions.