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Welcome to the web home of the Alien Tourist podcast. The Alien Tourist visits the intersection between change, creativity, the real world and “what if”, with liberal doses of nostalgia and futurism thrown in for good measure. Your host is novelist, sociologist, and Lizard Lair denizen Deborah Teramis Christian.

Initial shows are in production right now and will be coming to you soon.

This page will be program central for show notes and downloadable/streaming mp3 files for the show. I’ll also be listing episodes in online outlets and will update this page with links when those are available.

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If you have a topic or question you’d like Teramis or Fredly the Alien to address, please leave it in the comments below, or feel free to email your question to alientourist [at] deborahchristian [dot] com.

Thanks for stopping by.  If the perspectives you hear in this podcast offer a slightly different take on things, remember:  “We are from France.”


Alien Tourist artwork kindly made available by Michael Dialynas, madart84 @, (c) 2005 (used under CC 3.0 license).




This index lists two links for each podcast.  The first is the remote host link where you can listen to the ‘cast (and subscribe, and download from iTunes).  The second is for the local blog page for a given podcast.

This is in case I move podcasts around in the future (which I expect to do). The remote links may no longer work but you will always be able to find the podcast through its associated blog page (which I also use to announce a release).  The show notes are the same at both links.

20120726  Episode 1: Introducing the Alien Tourist. [52 mins] Play podcast. See local blog page. Topics: the Alien Other; Trayon Martin and “othering”; Boardwalk Empire; my Demon Lovers: Succubi anthology.


Miscellaneous ruminations that run 15 mins or less and don’t fit into a regular podcast for one reason or another.

1.  The Army & Othering. [15 mins]  Listen/subscribe/download from iTunes at PodOMatic.   This is kind of a tangent based on Episode 1:  this is a 15 minute-long anecdote and insight/revelation/rumination about my time in the Army (last of the Women’s Army Corp!), black girls singing pseudo-gospel at Ft McClellan, and why drill sergeants are the Evil Other. And oh yes, the first intimations of my coming out of the closet. “Those were the days, my friend…” Bigger context: the podcast talks about “othering,” (you know, the “us versus them” thing), hence the references to that concept here.


Please leave comments below or at the PodOMatic site. I’d love for you to share your thoughts on any of this subject matter.

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