First take on the movie Gravity – Wow!

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Sandra Bullock in the movie GravityJust saw Gravity, with Sandra Bullock and George Clooney. What a wonderful movie. I’m a life-long space buff. I don’t have an articulate analysis to offer on this right now because I’m still so agog, except to say that it scratches all the right itches. And what an amazing screenplay, to carry such a dramatic engagement throughout with a 1 and 1/2 person cast (I say 1/2 because Clooney is only there for part of the flick).

And they captured the weightless environment so well, except for 1 tiny anomaly I spotted it was like being in space with them. Marvelous job. The video link gets into the what and how of the effects. Five dinosaur stomps of approval for this one!

After you’ve seen the flick (if you haven’t already), be sure to check out this short video at YouTube also:  Aningaaq, created by the same people who did the movie.  It’s the other side of the story of the radio conversation Bullock’s character has with a man she can’t quite understand. Also terrific storytelling and a poignant counterpoint to the story in the film. (I think it loses its impact if you watch it before absorbing the larger story in the movie, hence my suggestion of watching it after.)

If I have time later, I’ll update this first impression with more substantive commentary on the movie. Meanwhile, there’s an interesting interview here with the visual effects director talking about how they created the weightless environment for the film:



And this one with even more details about the what/how by fans:


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