Transient chaos in blog-land

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If you’ve noticed some disarray in my feed or this site, that’s because I’ve been moving everything from old site to new, tra la, and am about to redirect the url. Feed will be redirected in coming days so you won’t need to resubscribe.

And, oh, yes: welcome to my New and Vastly Improved webhome! Soon we’ll have podcasts, and space excursions, and snacks, not necessarily in that order.

Yes, I’m still writing as well. I’m doing this in between writing stints, and these weird, weird dreams I’m having, the kind that kick you awake because they are unsettling, in a stressful manner. End-of-the-world, everyone’s-a-refugee, and “why are there only bicyclists on the road and they are all fleeing the city?”  kind of way.  (And no, I wasn’t dreaming about Critical Mass.)

You know how it is. Right?

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