Taylor Caldwell and the Romance of Atlantis

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The Romance of AtlantisThis is another book teaser for the What’s Bot Reading Now? book-of-the-month club.

Taylor Caldwell was a best-selling, award-winning novelist who wrote from 1937 to 1980. She is best known for her historical fiction and the breadth of detail it contains – detail which she credited to past life memories of those eras.

This kind of recall started young.  As a child she had a series of vivid dreams about Atlantis, and wrote her first novel based on those dreams at age 12.  Her grandfather, a book editor, considered publishing the book, but couldn’t believe a 12-year-old could write something so sophisticated. Thinking she must have plagiarized it, he rejected the novel, which languished in her files for 60 years.

In the 1970s astrologer and occultist Jess Stearn was working on a biography of Caldwell. He learned of this book, and helped edit it and get it published. That is the genesis of the book, The Romance of Atlantis, which, one might argue, is almost like being there.

If you like historical novels, Caldwell’s other work is also worth taking a look at. Her book Captains and the Kings was quite popular back in my librarian days, and is what first put her on my radar as an author.  But for the Atlantis-curious, give this Romance a spin. It is an unforgettable take on that setting.

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somebody should make this into a movie it would very colorful and with the technology and visual efects it would be incredible.maybe spelburg or cameron would have the money to make it spectaculal they could start with taylors childwood and work on the book starting with salustra father with all the spender of Atlantis then her book it would rival Avatar if one puts the money toward doing it I wish I could contact these famours producers but I am just a low man on the totem poll I have may moore books that would make great movies linda fusco

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