A Little Update on Life in the Lair

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I haven’t been posting here regularly over the last year in part because of being engrossed in writing work, because of some personal evolution in regard to the process of writing, and also because I’ve been finding where this blog is a fit for my needs, and where it isn’t. So here are some conclusions/insights/decisions I’ve come to.

– I am (as some readers may have gathered) still rather bogged down in a re-write of Splintegrate. This is rewrite in the sense of altering plot elements that are integral to the structure of the novel, and hence, shifting the nature of the novel itself. This has been a long and troublesome birthing process for this book, but I believe it is nearly done. Part of the issue is that the story as originally conceived is not the story that emerged in the telling, and I have had my work cut out for me learning to distinguish where to quit forcing things, and where to let the characters take the reins – or not. At any rate, I think my long-term peregrinations about this particular work will soon come to an end.  Since it is still gestating, I’ll leave it at that.

– I like blogging. I like taking the time for blogging, and articulating various thoughts. I also like having a well-thought-out site that lets readers explore a writer’s work, quite aside from the blogging aspect of things.  Part of my boggle with the Lizard’s Lair, is that this site conceptually attempts to do both those things at once, and in doing so, perhaps does not do either as well as I had originally envisioned. Maybe this is because I haven’t put the requisite time into building out content here (I still want to give you a portal into the worlds of the Sa’adani Empire and my science fiction and fantasy universes, for instance). On the other hand, it may be that structurally I’ve gotten off on the wrong foot here and thus it is difficult to course-correct. The result is that….

– I’m contemplating a re-design of this site. I want to have bloggy things, but also more writing- and world-design specific things, much more easily findable/accessible than a blog-centric site permits. So I will probably be moving to something more like a magazine format in the coming months: i.e., something that can (and will) contain a blog, but also with sections better highlighting my books and other topical areas of interest to me and hopefully to you.

– on the third hand, I don’t have endless hours to put into a redesign of this site, so am pondering the most time- and cost-effective way to achieve these things. Lizards do a lot of pondering, in case you hadn’t noticed.

Finally, on the I’m-Getting-Something-Published front, I’m happy to announce my short story Live Fire has been accepted into No Man’s Land, an installation in the Defending the Future anthology series published by Dark Quest Books.  The book is military science fiction featuring female protagonists and is currently slated for release in mid-2011.  Live Fire was inspired by a bit character from a role-playing game, or more properly said, the character development phase of a role-playing game, and an intriguing webisode series from Battlestar Galactica.   I’ll talk some more about that short story in a separate post later.

So there you have it. Not quite all the news that’s fit to print, but a snapshot of the Lizard Lair that hopefully brings you up to date with saurish doings.

More soon!

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