Emerging from my cave

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I hit a wall with my writing, which is why I haven’t posted here for a while. I’m torn between plot dilemmas which need to be resolved so I can conclude my book, and the need to do more freelance work to take care of mundane things like bills. The problem with book writing is that the money pipeline is very long and very slender, until a certain critical mass of books in print is reached. I’m not there yet.

So, I’ve been forced to revamp some of my work practices, i.e., what I do for income, while leaving me time to carry on with the writing that is central to my life as a novelist. I will spare you the angst and the tooth-gnashing that is involved in this process. I blog elsewhere for that purpose (ah, the multiple-me’s in cyberspace). But I did want to mention the reason for the radio silence. I keep seeing things that pique my interest that I want to blog about, but then skip it in order to carry on with my isolated freaking out about my book writing. This year has been one of creative insights and freakouts, alternately. I suppose at the end of this process I’ll be a bigger, stronger, better writer for it, since I refuse to entertain the possibility that I will be a basket case blubbering in the corner of my hermit cave.

Speaking of caves, I can tell spring has sprung, because I am slowly getting restive in this long-term writer’s retreat I’m doing. Am not completely happy with my creative process or methods, or my social resources, or several other things. Am starting to think of ways to make alterations and remedy what ails me. I don’t know if that’s a good sign: when I get serious about change, it’s like falling out of a tree for me. Things get very different, very quickly. It’s like throwing all the cards in the air and seeing what new pattern they land in.

Don’t know where this may lead. I’m still percolating, over here. Also wrestling with my eternal conundrum about balance between book writing and immediate income work. Gah.

Where’s my clone when I need her?

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