Lizards wear t-shirts, too

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We interrupt this blog for a brief commercial message.

Literary lizards don’t just read books, you know. We wear t-shirts, too. This lovely, charming piece of dinosaur art has the benefit of not only being wearable art, but being literary at the same time: 

Thesaurus from Snorgtees

 We are about to acquire this one for our stylin’ lizard-wear collection, and wanted to share the designer joy with you.

You too can have this amazing Thesaurus plastered all over the front of a lovely green t-shirt at Snorgtees, right here.  Or, if dinosaurs don’t float your boat (though that’s hard to imagine), there are Death Stars and other geekly delights to browse at Snorgtees instead.

Disclaimer: This literary lizard is not affiliated with Snorgtees, nor are any of the rabbits that lurk around here, either.  But we are all quite taken with the t.

Just sayin’….

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Crunch all you want, lizard.

We have our own awesome toys!



No sooner do I mention lurking bunnies, than *voila*, one unlurks, and unleashes toothsome fury (furriness?) upon us.


I- MUST – HAVE – ONE–!!!!

too kewl. 🙂

(if lizards bounced, I’d be bouncing right now)

I’m loving the braces! 😀 That’s awesome.

Yeah, isn’t that funny?

Chompasaurus Vexed.


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