World Building

Maps For My Fantasy World & Novels

A new section of my site has maps for my fantasy world and novels, along with background on world building, game design, and my encounter with Marion Zimmer Bradley.

Alien Blood Parasites – Defining a SF Concept

I need to define the detailed mechanism of how an alien parasite and its related disease complex works in a story I’m writing. Reader input invited.

Making a Map With Plate Tectonics (Video)

Here’s a cool video I made. It shows how to make a Pangaea-type globe and grow the planet with continental drift until you end up with an interesting map.

Believable Worlds and Ursula Le Guin

I’m launching a teleclass about the fastest killer of believability in a fictional setting. Class also features an exclusive interview with Ursula Le Guin.

How to Create Dwarves, Their Race and Language

A reader asked for advice about creating original dwarves and language that is not Tolkien’s. Here are my thoughts on that (link to article).

First World Building Vid Now Online!

A quickie post about my first world building video, now online. Complete with worksheet download!

Build a World in Five Weeks

World building is more than a hobby of mine. I’ve started the World Building Academy to teach world design to fiction writers and game designers.

World Building: Got An Opinion?

I’m looking for input on a world building survey. What are your thoughts on the subject? Comments also welcome.

Cloning in Splintegrate

I ran into a snarl with Splintegrate regarding the timing of some events. In sorting this out it became clear that I needed to work out more details about the cloning process used in the Sa’adani Empire, which is referenced in the novel. I thought it would be nice to share some of these notes […]

Alternate History Part 2: Of Highwaymen, Ghosts, and Rural Surrey

In creating an alternate history that allows for the paranormal, I considered how the paranormal – ghosts in particular – might have affected historical events. This post takes a look at the link between highwaymen, ghosts, and rural Surrey in the 19th century.