The Black Dahlia: a Sideways Murder Mystery

The Black Dahlia (2006) is an attempt to invent a solution to the unsolved Black Dahlia murder. It falls short on several counts.

Derailed by the movie ‘Seven Pounds’

The movie Seven Pounds is unexpectedly provocative and moving. It, along with Donnie Darko and The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada, are a batch of viewing that continues to haunt my thoughts. Great if dark-tinged storytelling, all three of them.

Slime Mold: great grand-daddy of Star Trek computers?

Scientists are experimenting with physarum polycephalum – slime mold – to establish the basic functions of bio-computing. That is to say, they are making programmable ‘machines’ out of slime mold, using its ameboid biostructure as a basic computing device. Shades of Star Trek Voyager’s bio-neural gelpacks!

Neuron Growth and Semiconductors: Cyberpunk in the Lab

Researchers have coaxed nerve cells into growing through miniscule semiconductor tubes. The implications are amazing, and include the neural interfaces of cyberpunk.

Could HIV Be the Silver Bullet Against Cancer?

An experimental treatment uses modified HIV for astounding success in destroying cancer. Is a cure at hand?

Eternal Youth and the Girl Who Doesn’t Age

Brooke Greenberg is a child who does not age. Her condition is unique, and baffles scientists. Many are interested in unraveling her “secret of eternal youth” – but should that occur, grave social changes may be in the offing.

Draw Blood, Break a Curse: Killing an English Witch in 1875

Long after witch hunts were a thing of the past, an old Englishwoman was killed for being a witch in 1875. How? Why? Some past events and beliefs revisited.

Do Writers Need a Blog?

Some thoughts on the purpose of writers’ blogs, and how to fine-tune them for success.

Introducing Mouse Science at the Lizard Lair

I’m kicking off a new subject area at my blog covering science enabled by laboratory mice. Mouse science makes big breakthroughs possible.

Improving Sales and Income in Ebook Publishing

How can a short story writer make a reasonable profit in today’s ebook publishing market? Here are a few approaches that might help.