How to Use Socioeconomic Class in RPGs, Part 1

Socioeconomic class boosts adventure and immersion in RPGs. Here are three character aspects to consider when playing up class.

How to Banish Rules Lawyers in RPGS

Rules lawyers can be a GM irritant and derail game play. Here are the tactics I use to make rules lawyers a non-issue in my games.

Behind the Scenes on “Live Fire”

Here’s a look behind the scenes on the development of the Tiptree Award nominated short story “Live Fire” by Deborah Teramis Christian.

Growing Complex Aliens

Aliens in fiction need to be more than humans in rubber suits. Growing complex aliens means rethinking their psychology from the ground up.

The Role of Role-Playing in Character Creation

I find that I write best, both plotting and characterization-wise, when I can get inside the skin of the characters I am writing about.  I don’t mean only “understand how they think”, which is such a common prescription for writing all kinds of fiction that it has lost any real meaning.  Rather, I mean practicing […]

Lack of storytelling in free online rpgs

I’m noticing a severe lack of real story lines, much less storytelling, in free online rpgs.  The problem isn’t only found in free online rpgs – it’s in many paid rpgs as well –  but the free ones are ubiquitous these days, especially in their MMO and MMORPG forms. Fans of science fiction and fantasy have increasingly entered […]