Three Problems to Avoid If You Publish a Fiction Ebook

If you’re writing and publishing ebook fiction, here are some quirks to avoid if you want to succeed.

Alternate History: Picking Out the Threads

Alternate history: love reading it (here are book suggestions), and love writing it. History plus alternate timelines plus a measure of fantasy if needed or desired: what’s not to love? This is Part I of a series looking at why a writer might choose this approach, and how it can incorporate “historical fact” into the “alternate” part of the equation.

Advice for a Returning Blogger

A friend returning to blogging wanted suggestions to get back into the swing of things. Here’s what I shared with her.

Five Ways to Overthrow a Kingdom in Fictional Settings – Part 1

Need to overthrow a kingdom in a story or game setting? Here are five ways to do so, in a 5-part series. Part 1 talks pros and cons of armed conflict and 3 things to keep in mind if you go that route.

Quick Update on Splintegrate

Update on the state of Splintegrate, my science fiction novel now under revision, and the frenzy as I slowly get sucked into Tor Book’s production pipeline.

Creativity and Writing: My Genius in the Corner

Best-selling author Elizabeth Gilbert gave a TED talk about how a writer relates to creativity and genius. My experience is parallel. During this writing retreat I’m on, my sense of identity has shifted from writer to author as I’ve forged a new relationship with my creative Genius.

How to Build a Better Power Struggle: Forget Good Versus Evil

“Good versus evil” is overrated as a dramatic structure or device. Here’s why, and why a focus on power dynamics is a great alternative instead.

Fairy Tales, Symbols, and Readers’ Expectations

Fairy tales are powerful, and symbols from them need to be used with care in a story. Here are 5 tips for using folklore symbols and allusions in a way that doesn’t derail a tale.

Loving and Hating Scarlett O’Hara

Finally read Gone With the Wind and wow – what a character creation Scarlett O’Hara is! Some thoughts on what Margaret Mitchell did.

Advice For a New Writer With a Novel Idea

A friend who is not a writer is fired up about writing a first novel, but daunted by the task. Here is my advice to him.