“Midwife” and Marvelous Miranda Hart

On my new fave comedian Miranda Hart, her poignant portrayal of Chummy in “Call the Midwife,” and the awkward hilarity in her comedy show.

Smoking and Race on Pan Am: a CYA Start From a ‘Mad Men’ Competitor

ABC’s fall show Pan Am cuts smoking, alters racism to vie for 1960s nostalgia market. Is this selective clean-up a recipe for mediocrity?

The Sexy Link Between Forbidden Planet and Mad Men

Mad Men’s Sally Draper watched spies on tv, and so did I – same shows, same year, same kind of tv. And that’s where Forbidden Planet’s Anne Francis first inspired me: as the kick-ass P.I. Honey West in 1965.

Why TV Productions Suck and How YouTube Will Save Us

The studio production process in TV/film forces mediocrity. Look to web-centric productions for the emerging wave of quality entertainment. Indie artists are producing Hollywood-quality work for cheap on the web, without studio constraints.

Re-imaged version of “V” airs in November!

I’m rattling around back here in the cyberdust getting ready to resuscitate my regular blogging schedule. Not quuuiiiiite there yet but just came across this I wanted to share: Science Fiction and Fantasy Dominate the 2009 Prime-Time Dramas “V” (Starring: Elizabeth Mitchell, Morena Baccarin, Joel Gretsch and Scott Wolf) Debuts Tuesday, November 3 at 8 […]

Life on Mars – Finale Fail

Life on Mars was a re-working of the hit BBC series of the same name. I thought it creative, unique, challenging – until the last 15 minutes of the series finale. In a heavy-handed act of juvenile storytelling, the creators managed to pull the rug out from under a great story arc, and leave us with a flat and unsatisfying ending. FAIL.