Majel Barrett as Whorehouse Madam in Westworld

Researching a work-in-progress, I saw Westworld tonight. This is another film Majel Barrett makes an appearance in! Some thoughts on Westworld and her work.

Social Psychology Insights from Hell’s Kitchen

When Nedra joins the men’s team, they impute the wrong reasons for why that individual came over to them. Social psych in a petri dish: observations from Hell’s Kitchen.

Why TV Productions Suck and How YouTube Will Save Us

The studio production process in TV/film forces mediocrity. Look to web-centric productions for the emerging wave of quality entertainment. Indie artists are producing Hollywood-quality work for cheap on the web, without studio constraints.

Torchwood, Sexuality, and American Media

Torchwood’s matter-of-fact use of gay sexuality this science fiction drama sets the bar for how mature entertainment should handle the subject. Why don’t we see this in American productions?