Quick Update on Splintegrate

Update on the state of Splintegrate, my science fiction novel now under revision, and the frenzy as I slowly get sucked into Tor Book’s production pipeline.

Minor characters and interesting byways

Incidental people, events, and settings seem exceptionally alive to me in Splintegrate. They demand to be explored, perhaps in short stories or an anthology of shorts. This post looks at some of the vignettes that niggle and suggest intriguing story byways to me.

Urban density and world design in my science fiction book Splintegrate

As I’m working on Splintegrate, the world of Lyndir is very present in my mind. Lyndir is mentioned in my book Mainline and is the frenetic hub of culture and business in this sector. Writing about this region brings up some interesting questions about extremely dense urban space, and how people live in it. This is not the focus of Splintegrate, but I plan to write some short stories about this place when I’m done with that book.

Fairy Dust and Book Revisions: Splintegrate is in Final Form!

My science fiction novel Splintegrate is delivered in final form at last. But wow, something magical happened on the way to getting it done!

“The Next Big Thing” Interview with Author Deborah Teramis Christian

Interview with author Deborah Teramis Christian about the “next big thing” on her schedule, her science fiction novel Splintegrate. (Blog hop with links)

Cloning in Splintegrate

I ran into a snarl with Splintegrate regarding the timing of some events. In sorting this out it became clear that I needed to work out more details about the cloning process used in the Sa’adani Empire, which is referenced in the novel. I thought it would be nice to share some of these notes […]

Untangling Splintegrate: Refining the Story Questions

My multi-cast plotlines make it difficult to see underlying story dynamics. After plot doctoring, I re-defined the essential story questions in Splintegrate, and now have the right ending in place for the book.

A Little Update on Life in the Lair

Author Deborah Teramis Christian announces planned site revisions, updates on work in progress, and her short story Live Fire accepted into the No Man’s Land military science fiction anthology.

New Pages: From Lizard Tricks to Space

 Been kind of filling in the foundation here so this platform can leap through many hoops in the coming weeks and months.  A big Thank You to the marvelously talented Ed Beard, Jr., for permission to use his fantastic dragon artwork (his are the beautiful realistic [assuming dragons read books] drawings, not the cartoonish ones that might […]

Sa’adani Empire content sneaking online!

In my breaks between writing stints, I’ve started migrating some of my Sa’adani Empire content online. That’s the larger cultural backdrop behind my books Mainline and Splintegrate; it is also a role-playing game setting. Later in 2009 I’ll be making public an immersive story setting for people to read and participate in.   My present work with the Sa’adani […]