Social Psychology Insights from Hell’s Kitchen

When Nedra joins the men’s team, they impute the wrong reasons for why that individual came over to them. Social psych in a petri dish: observations from Hell’s Kitchen.

Podcast, Episode 1: Introducing the Alien Tourist

This show looks at the intersection of change, creativity, reality, and the worlds of “if.” This episode intros show concept and talks about alien-ness, Boardwalk Empire, and my succubus anthology.

What I hate about galactic empires

Galactic empires offer us the opportunity to break away from 20th/21st-century culturally rooted stories and milieus and go someplace truly daring. Too many of these stories don’t. They not only fail to be daring, they don’t even bother to leave Terran man behind, and cling instead to the safe ground of the known social context. These are empires for the faint-hearted.