Me, Short Stories, and Robert Heinlein

My short story interests were shaped by authors like Robert Heinlein and many others. Now I’m making my short fiction available to readers.

Behind the Scenes on “Live Fire”

Here’s a look behind the scenes on the development of the Tiptree Award nominated short story “Live Fire” by Deborah Teramis Christian.

Torchwood, Sexuality, and American Media

Torchwood’s matter-of-fact use of gay sexuality this science fiction drama sets the bar for how mature entertainment should handle the subject. Why don’t we see this in American productions?

Women who write military science fiction books

I’m a woman and a U. S. Army veteran. That puts me in a small class of authors who, like Elizabeth Moon and Sandra McDonald, have military experience and also write military science fiction.
McDonald’s and Moon’s works are intriguing – and unfortunately something I won’t read while I have a military sf book of my own in development.