Are We a Universe, or a Speck? – the Macrocosm Inside

Turns out the universe looks like a neural network. Oddly, this is reminiscent of a vision I had when I was 7. Cool stuff.

Earth With Two Moons: Maybe Not Just Science Fiction

There’s a new hypothesis that the earth once had two moons. It accounts for weirdness with the moon’s formation, and inspires stories too.

Slime Mold: great grand-daddy of Star Trek computers?

Scientists are experimenting with physarum polycephalum – slime mold – to establish the basic functions of bio-computing. That is to say, they are making programmable ‘machines’ out of slime mold, using its ameboid biostructure as a basic computing device. Shades of Star Trek Voyager’s bio-neural gelpacks!

Introducing Mouse Science at the Lizard Lair

I’m kicking off a new subject area at my blog covering science enabled by laboratory mice. Mouse science makes big breakthroughs possible.

The Grasshopper: The Army Jet Pack That Wasn’t

Scientists haven’t perfected jet packs yet for personal flight, but they once offered the concept to the military. Meet the Grasshopper, the jet pack the Army could have developed in 1958.

Future Science: the Lazy Man’s Snow Shovel

Announcing Future Science, an occasional feature reviewing forward-looking science from the past. Today’s offering: a remote-controlled snow shovel from 1953.