The Black Dahlia: a Sideways Murder Mystery

The Black Dahlia (2006) is an attempt to invent a solution to the unsolved Black Dahlia murder. It falls short on several counts.

Lizard Lair Media Ratings: the Dinosaur Stomp of Approval

I’m going to be posting more media reviews soon, so I’m introducing the Dinosaur Stomp of Approval rating system. Here it is.

Stargate Universe: Science Fiction That’s Out of This Galaxy

Stargate Universe blends wonder, science and the nearly mystical unknown with great storytelling. Worth watching even though the series is done.

The Adjustment Bureau: Choice, Free Will, and Predestination

Free will versus predestination: what if there’s a plan, and there are entities here to keep you on track with it?

Intacto: a Movie on the Manipulation of Luck

Intacto takes a look at what might happen if a small group of people can steal luck from others. Thought-provoking but slow with tangled storytelling.