Three Problems to Avoid If You Publish a Fiction Ebook

If you’re writing and publishing ebook fiction, here are some quirks to avoid if you want to succeed.

Why It’s Still Smart to Court Traditional Publishers

Want to get your writing into print? Undecided between self-publishing or a traditional publisher? Here’s why the old-fashioned route can still help you out.

Ebook How-To: a 3-Step Strategy For Quick Sales

Here’s a quick and dirty three-step strategy for publishing non-fiction ebooks. In the world of ebook how-to, this is one effective bare bones approach to get into the market and create quick sales. Advice to a friend, spawned from my own ebook knowledge, offered here because ebooks are in my near future and likely yours as well.

Ebook Pricing, Traditional Publishing: Some Thoughts

What’s the right price for an ebook if it’s your first novel? Some observations and recommendations based on the current state of ebook pricing for indie publishers.

Social publishing and my books

Social publishing allows an author to make a book available for free in electronic form, and encourages readers to rate it, share it, even re-use it if released under a Creative Commons license. This appears to have great synergy with driving interest in other works. I’m going to do this with some of my work in 2009.

Literary Agent Versus Self-Publishing: the Modern Writer’s Dilemma

Get a literary agent or self-publish? A common dilemma for many writers in this new era. A friend asked me about this and here’s what I advised her to do.

Book Covers, Artists, Authors, and Publishing

What is the relationship between author, artist, publisher and book cover? Getting the right look for a book is not all that straightforward. This post explains how some of this stuff works, sometimes.

The Collapse of the Newspaper Industry and the Emergence of – What?

Newspapers are vanishing from the print media landscape. A history of consolidation and breakdowns in journalistic quality were the precursors, now the digitial information shift is the driving force. As we lose journalistic outlets the burning question becomes: what’s next?

Analog Thinking in a Digital World

Pdfs are a vestige of analog thinking in a digital world. This persistance of the outmoded is a common pattern when pervasive technological change happens, but the blogosphere and altered information habits is forcing a change.