Emerging from my cave

I hit a wall with my writing, which is why I haven’t posted here for a while. I’m torn between plot dilemmas which need to be resolved so I can conclude my book, and the need to do more freelance work to take care of mundane things like bills. The problem with book writing is […]

The Role of Role-Playing in Character Creation

I find that I write best, both plotting and characterization-wise, when I can get inside the skin of the characters I am writing about.  I don’t mean only “understand how they think”, which is such a common prescription for writing all kinds of fiction that it has lost any real meaning.  Rather, I mean practicing […]

Writing with a split personality

I suppose it was inevitable.   I get so immersed in my writing – must, because I “go there” and become part of these people, ride along with them like a ghost in the night or a spy-cam with night-vision – that I Become One With The Characters.   It is long since a given that I […]

Transient chaos in blog-land

If you’ve noticed some disarray in my feed or this site, that’s because I’ve been moving everything from old site to new, tra la, and am about to redirect the url. Feed will be redirected in coming days so you won’t need to resubscribe. And, oh, yes: welcome to my New and Vastly Improved webhome! Soon […]

Too much geeking!

I’ve been dealing with some blog and website issues all of today, and all I can say is man that sure sucks up time and brain. Not helped, either, when tech support tosses one’s problem back and forth between 4 people before a supervisor has to step in and sort it out. Must. Write. More. […]

Focus, focus, focus.

I feel like time is a rollercoaster, to mangle a metaphor right out of the gate:  instead of up or down, it is fast or slow, and entirely out of my control these days. That may seem like a statement that applies at any time, but I will huff about that and say no, ordinarily […]

Progress report

In a roundabout way, this is an update on where I’m at in my process with Splintegrate. I finally have brain-sucking client work completely out of the way. Today I took a day off, played a board game with my sister, made peasoup (great in this cold weather), and chilled watching a few movies. Tomorrow […]

Inching ahead

I’m making some tiny forward progress on my blog geeking, although not, alas, on Splintegrate today.  It turns out that I have discovered (much to my dismay) that I am hard-wired for exclusive monofocus on whatever project is to hand. Failing that, my attention is scattered all over the place. So, to get any traction with […]