Alternate History: Picking Out the Threads

Alternate history: love reading it (here are book suggestions), and love writing it. History plus alternate timelines plus a measure of fantasy if needed or desired: what’s not to love? This is Part I of a series looking at why a writer might choose this approach, and how it can incorporate “historical fact” into the “alternate” part of the equation.

Quick Update on Splintegrate

Update on the state of Splintegrate, my science fiction novel now under revision, and the frenzy as I slowly get sucked into Tor Book’s production pipeline.

Alien Tourist Podcast in Production

My “Alien Tourist” podcast is in production and will air later in April. Click through for more on the podcast.

A Little Update on Life in the Lair

Author Deborah Teramis Christian announces planned site revisions, updates on work in progress, and her short story Live Fire accepted into the No Man’s Land military science fiction anthology.

Taylor Caldwell and the Romance of Atlantis

Caldwell wrote the Romance of Atlantis when she was 12, based on a series of vivid dreams about Atlantis. It is a sophisticated work finally published 60 years later.