Majel Barrett as Whorehouse Madam in Westworld

Researching a work-in-progress, I saw Westworld tonight. This is another film Majel Barrett makes an appearance in! Some thoughts on Westworld and her work.

Derailed by the movie ‘Seven Pounds’

The movie Seven Pounds is unexpectedly provocative and moving. It, along with Donnie Darko and The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada, are a batch of viewing that continues to haunt my thoughts. Great if dark-tinged storytelling, all three of them.

The Blind Side

“The Blind Side” – football biopic, true story and featuring Sandra Bullock. Thoughts, impressions and WOW factor, discussed. I was really rocked by this much more than expected. Did I say WOW.

John Carter: Not the Burroughs Hero After All?

On the basis of trailers, I don’t have high hopes for John Carter, the movie adaptation of E.R. Burroughs’ Mars adventures. Some thoughts on why I love the Barsoom books and how this movie appears to fall short.

Why TV Productions Suck and How YouTube Will Save Us

The studio production process in TV/film forces mediocrity. Look to web-centric productions for the emerging wave of quality entertainment. Indie artists are producing Hollywood-quality work for cheap on the web, without studio constraints.

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and My Novel MAINLINE

Forget the English version of this flick: Noomi Rapace in the original is the bomb, and a double for Reva, my assassin protagonist in Mainline.

Characters and Culture: the Jewish family in Ang Lee’s ‘Eat Drink Man Woman’

The Chinese family central to Ang Lee’s “Eat Drink Man Woman” was in part written by pretending the family was Jewish, and “letting it rip.” What does this say about cultural identity?

Donnie Darko

Impressions about the movie Donnie Darko, and a nod to Mary McDonnell. I sure didn’t see *that* ending coming. Wow. (No spoilers.)