Majel Barrett as Whorehouse Madam in Westworld

Researching a work-in-progress, I saw Westworld tonight. This is another film Majel Barrett makes an appearance in! Some thoughts on Westworld and her work.

“Midwife” and Marvelous Miranda Hart

On my new fave comedian Miranda Hart, her poignant portrayal of Chummy in “Call the Midwife,” and the awkward hilarity in her comedy show.

Derailed by the movie ‘Seven Pounds’

The movie Seven Pounds is unexpectedly provocative and moving. It, along with Donnie Darko and The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada, are a batch of viewing that continues to haunt my thoughts. Great if dark-tinged storytelling, all three of them.

First take on the movie Gravity – Wow!

First impressions about the Bullock/Clooney movie Gravity. Pretty wild ride!

Sleepy Hollow’s Big History Error

The TV show Sleepy Hollow loses huge credibility as they hang a big plot point on blithely mangled English language eras.

Anubis Gates – Review of a Time Travel Fantasy Novel

I tried Tim Powers’ book Anubis Gates for the early 19th century London part, but stayed for the time travel adventure in it. Great stuff!

The Darker Side of Doris Day

Doris Day was known for her light romantic comedies, but Hitchcock’s “The Man Who Knew Too Much” shows a different side to this actress. Color me surprised.

Podcast, Episode 1: Introducing the Alien Tourist

This show looks at the intersection of change, creativity, reality, and the worlds of “if.” This episode intros show concept and talks about alien-ness, Boardwalk Empire, and my succubus anthology.

Torchwood, Sexuality, and American Media

Torchwood’s matter-of-fact use of gay sexuality this science fiction drama sets the bar for how mature entertainment should handle the subject. Why don’t we see this in American productions?

The Collapse of the Newspaper Industry and the Emergence of – What?

Newspapers are vanishing from the print media landscape. A history of consolidation and breakdowns in journalistic quality were the precursors, now the digitial information shift is the driving force. As we lose journalistic outlets the burning question becomes: what’s next?