Three Problems to Avoid If You Publish a Fiction Ebook

If you’re writing and publishing ebook fiction, here are some quirks to avoid if you want to succeed.

Why It’s Still Smart to Court Traditional Publishers

Want to get your writing into print? Undecided between self-publishing or a traditional publisher? Here’s why the old-fashioned route can still help you out.

Literary Agent Versus Self-Publishing: the Modern Writer’s Dilemma

Get a literary agent or self-publish? A common dilemma for many writers in this new era. A friend asked me about this and here’s what I advised her to do.

Inching ahead

I’m making some tiny forward progress on my blog geeking, although not, alas, on Splintegrate today.  It turns out that I have discovered (much to my dismay) that I am hard-wired for exclusive monofocus on whatever project is to hand. Failing that, my attention is scattered all over the place. So, to get any traction with […]