A heavenly small chunk of WordPress enlightenment

In the grievously chaotic haystack that is WordPress.org and all the myriad related hackers, coders, designers and geek blogs and websites that deal  with this topic, you can well imagine that finding a concise, specific solution to a concise, specific problem is not always a cakewalk. In fact, it is all too often the proverbial hunt for the needle […]

Transient chaos in blog-land

If you’ve noticed some disarray in my feed or this site, that’s because I’ve been moving everything from old site to new, tra la, and am about to redirect the url. Feed will be redirected in coming days so you won’t need to resubscribe. And, oh, yes: welcome to my New and Vastly Improved webhome! Soon […]

Inching ahead

I’m making some tiny forward progress on my blog geeking, although not, alas, on Splintegrate today.  It turns out that I have discovered (much to my dismay) that I am hard-wired for exclusive monofocus on whatever project is to hand. Failing that, my attention is scattered all over the place. So, to get any traction with […]

Ignorant geek, I

I confess, I am going to be trapped in geek hell for a while with this blog transition.  My web host provides WordPress as a hosted service free of charge, and I want my blog to be imbedded inside my website.  But making my website + blog actually function that way is a whole ‘nother […]