Gender Roles and Women in Power: An Uncomfortable Fiction

One game designer’s fantasy setting plays with gender roles and has women, rather than men, in the position of dominant power in a society. Why the upset responses from some male readers? Some thoughts on the subject.

How to Use Class in Historical Settings, Part 1

Forget equality: people used to be much more limited by class and status. Here are some ideas for using class in fiction & games (pt. 1).

World Building Tips Volume 2 on Sale Now!

World Building Tips Vol. 2 is on sale now. The focus here is on travel, transportation, communications and much more for world builders.

RPG Game Design: Building a World that Works

Gamers often create RPG campaign settings that don’t click. Here’s a look at a major game design issue that often causes this problem, and a recommended approach to set things straight. Part I of a two-part post.

RPG theory & game design online

Mendel Schmiedekamp’s RPG Theory Review blog is a great place for discussion of game theory. In 2009 I’ll be running an interactive “storygame”, which brings me close to ARG or alternative reality gaming. This reminds me of Mark Keavney’s City of If storygaming concept, although my approach lies somewhere between ARG and his version of storygaming. Meanwhile, I’m looking for references to other good rpg theory and game design discussion sites.

Maps For My Fantasy World & Novels

A new section of my site has maps for my fantasy world and novels, along with background on world building, game design, and my encounter with Marion Zimmer Bradley.

Build a World in Five Weeks

World building is more than a hobby of mine. I’ve started the World Building Academy to teach world design to fiction writers and game designers.

World Building: Got An Opinion?

I’m looking for input on a world building survey. What are your thoughts on the subject? Comments also welcome.

Growing Complex Aliens

Aliens in fiction need to be more than humans in rubber suits. Growing complex aliens means rethinking their psychology from the ground up.