How to Use Class in Historical Settings, Part 1

Forget equality: people used to be much more limited by class and status. Here are some ideas for using class in fiction & games (pt. 1).

How to Use Class in Historical Settings, Part 2

Developing class consciousness in a fictional world lets a writer see the boundaries that, if broken, will create conflict. (Part 2 of 3)

Believable Worlds and Ursula Le Guin

I’m launching a teleclass about the fastest killer of believability in a fictional setting. Class also features an exclusive interview with Ursula Le Guin.

How to Create Dwarves, Their Race and Language

A reader asked for advice about creating original dwarves and language that is not Tolkien’s. Here are my thoughts on that (link to article).

Alien Tourist Podcast in Production

My “Alien Tourist” podcast is in production and will air later in April. Click through for more on the podcast.

World Building: Got An Opinion?

I’m looking for input on a world building survey. What are your thoughts on the subject? Comments also welcome.

Sa’adani Tales: Folklore in Short Stories

I’ve written some folklore for my fictional worlds, and decided to expand this into a book. “Sa’adani Tales” is the collection name. Soon I’ll be seeking crowdfunding support for this project.