Gender Roles and Women in Power: An Uncomfortable Fiction

One game designer’s fantasy setting plays with gender roles and has women, rather than men, in the position of dominant power in a society. Why the upset responses from some male readers? Some thoughts on the subject.

Alternate History: Picking Out the Threads

Alternate history: love reading it (here are book suggestions), and love writing it. History plus alternate timelines plus a measure of fantasy if needed or desired: what’s not to love? This is Part I of a series looking at why a writer might choose this approach, and how it can incorporate “historical fact” into the “alternate” part of the equation.

Me, Short Stories, and Robert Heinlein

My short story interests were shaped by authors like Robert Heinlein and many others. Now I’m making my short fiction available to readers.

Women Warriors and Chest Size: Three Factors to Consider

It’s a fact: women fighters have breasts. Here are three things to consider when dealing with female anatomy in rpgs and fantasy settings.

Spying on Correspondence in Magical Britain (A QVT Update)

How do we know our correspondence is safe from snooping? In a magical world, that’s harder than ever to ensure. Some thoughts on this in my current WIP.

My Other WIP: Queen Victoria’s Transmogrifier

Here is some context on a work in progress I’ll be blogging about from time to time: Queen Victoria’s Transmogrifier, an alternate history and paranormal tale focused on Victorian London in a time/space where magick is real.

Maps For My Fantasy World & Novels

A new section of my site has maps for my fantasy world and novels, along with background on world building, game design, and my encounter with Marion Zimmer Bradley.

Alien Tourist Podcast in Production

My “Alien Tourist” podcast is in production and will air later in April. Click through for more on the podcast.

Sa’adani Tales: Folklore in Short Stories

I’ve written some folklore for my fictional worlds, and decided to expand this into a book. “Sa’adani Tales” is the collection name. Soon I’ll be seeking crowdfunding support for this project.

Strange Maps

Just found Strange Maps, an odd and delightful repository of weird and whimsical cartographical excesses. Plus, there are dinosaurs! AND science fiction! The mind boggles…