“Midwife” and Marvelous Miranda Hart

On my new fave comedian Miranda Hart, her poignant portrayal of Chummy in “Call the Midwife,” and the awkward hilarity in her comedy show.

Continuum: simple plot twist, complex moral dilemmas

Increasingly complex moral ambiguity makes for interesting and challenging viewing in science fiction drama Continuum, starring Rachel Nichols.

Smoking and Race on Pan Am: a CYA Start From a ‘Mad Men’ Competitor

ABC’s fall show Pan Am cuts smoking, alters racism to vie for 1960s nostalgia market. Is this selective clean-up a recipe for mediocrity?

How to Use Class in Historical Settings, Part 2

Developing class consciousness in a fictional world lets a writer see the boundaries that, if broken, will create conflict. (Part 2 of 3)

The Sexy Link Between Forbidden Planet and Mad Men

Mad Men’s Sally Draper watched spies on tv, and so did I – same shows, same year, same kind of tv. And that’s where Forbidden Planet’s Anne Francis first inspired me: as the kick-ass P.I. Honey West in 1965.

Derek or Meredith? Taking Sides With Characters

Are you a black-and-white person, or a grey area person? How do these attitudes affect characters and readers’ relationship to them? Some thoughts on the subject in this post.

Torchwood, Sexuality, and American Media

Torchwood’s matter-of-fact use of gay sexuality this science fiction drama sets the bar for how mature entertainment should handle the subject. Why don’t we see this in American productions?