Characters and Culture: the Jewish family in Ang Lee’s ‘Eat Drink Man Woman’

The Chinese family central to Ang Lee’s “Eat Drink Man Woman” was in part written by pretending the family was Jewish, and “letting it rip.” What does this say about cultural identity?

Rethinking Ancient Symbols. Part I: Color

In writing my novel, I came to a speed bump when it came time to describe symbols used in intel work. Neither colors nor icon forms have symbolic associations such as we are accustomed to in our own Earth-based culture. For instance, the color “yellow” does not imply “caution” to the Sa’adani observer. What symbols, then, to use, and why? This is part I of a three part post exploirng the use of symbols in my science fiction book Splintegrate.

What I hate about galactic empires

Galactic empires offer us the opportunity to break away from 20th/21st-century culturally rooted stories and milieus and go someplace truly daring. Too many of these stories don’t. They not only fail to be daring, they don’t even bother to leave Terran man behind, and cling instead to the safe ground of the known social context. These are empires for the faint-hearted.

Writing with a split personality

I suppose it was inevitable.   I get so immersed in my writing – must, because I “go there” and become part of these people, ride along with them like a ghost in the night or a spy-cam with night-vision – that I Become One With The Characters.   It is long since a given that I […]