Creativity and Writing: My Genius in the Corner

Best-selling author Elizabeth Gilbert gave a TED talk about how a writer relates to creativity and genius. My experience is parallel. During this writing retreat I’m on, my sense of identity has shifted from writer to author as I’ve forged a new relationship with my creative Genius.

Fairy Dust and Book Revisions: Splintegrate is in Final Form!

My science fiction novel Splintegrate is delivered in final form at last. But wow, something magical happened on the way to getting it done!

My Fall Transformation

Now Fall, nearly Winter – creative change happening. During the winter I percolate in a really big way. Let the metaphysics begin!

The Role of Role-Playing in Character Creation

I find that I write best, both plotting and characterization-wise, when I can get inside the skin of the characters I am writing about.  I don’t mean only “understand how they think”, which is such a common prescription for writing all kinds of fiction that it has lost any real meaning.  Rather, I mean practicing […]