Advice for a Returning Blogger

A friend returning to blogging wanted suggestions to get back into the swing of things. Here’s what I shared with her.

Do Writers Need a Blog?

Some thoughts on the purpose of writers’ blogs, and how to fine-tune them for success.

The slippery slope of quick posts

Trying a new posting strategy at my blog. Hm.

The Lizard Lair as portal to “What If…?”

I’ve decided to nail down the thematic focus of my Notes From the Lizard Lair blog. This post talks about the three things I’ll concentrate on from here on out.

Analog Thinking in a Digital World

Pdfs are a vestige of analog thinking in a digital world. This persistance of the outmoded is a common pattern when pervasive technological change happens, but the blogosphere and altered information habits is forcing a change.