Creativity and Writing: My Genius in the Corner

Best-selling author Elizabeth Gilbert gave a TED talk about how a writer relates to creativity and genius. My experience is parallel. During this writing retreat I’m on, my sense of identity has shifted from writer to author as I’ve forged a new relationship with my creative Genius.

New Mailing List and Freebies!

Got a new mailing list system at my site. Here’s a great chance for subscribers to get insider info and free swag as well from the Lizard Lair!

Do Writers Need a Blog?

Some thoughts on the purpose of writers’ blogs, and how to fine-tune them for success.

Harry Harrison’s Legacy in My Novels

When I read of Harry Harrison’s passing, I realized his work has been a subtle influence on my own for many years. Some thoughts on that.

Amazon: “Authors are our customers” Except in Forums

Questioning the dichotomous tension between Amazon (“authors are our customers”), and the reception authors get on Amazon discussion fora.

Improving Sales and Income in Ebook Publishing

How can a short story writer make a reasonable profit in today’s ebook publishing market? Here are a few approaches that might help.

Book Covers, Artists, Authors, and Publishing

What is the relationship between author, artist, publisher and book cover? Getting the right look for a book is not all that straightforward. This post explains how some of this stuff works, sometimes.

Question: What do you want to see at an author’s website?

Am redesigning my web site, so this question came up: I want to know what features YOU the reader would like to see in an author’s site. What would make it more interesting/entertaining/informative for you? Please weigh in with your opinions!

A Little Update on Life in the Lair

Author Deborah Teramis Christian announces planned site revisions, updates on work in progress, and her short story Live Fire accepted into the No Man’s Land military science fiction anthology.